In Adopt Me!, there are several different stores that you are able to shop at: Pizza Shop, Baby Shop, Ice Cream Shop, Clothing Store, Fun Shop, Coffee Shop, Supermarket, Car shop, and the Pet Store.

These stores are located in several places around the map and have many different items in them that are available for purchase.

Baby Shop

Item Cost (Bucks) Info
Baby Bottles 5 Edible
Baby Formula 10 Edible
Balloon Stroller 1500 Colorable
Car Stroller 450 Colorable
Colored Stroller 100 Colorable
Doge Rattle 175 Ultra Rattle
Double Stroller 135 Colorable
Droplet Stroller 300 Colorable
Duck Rattle 100 Ultra Rattle
Rattle 50 Customizable coloring
Squid Rattle 425 Ultra Rattle
Unicorn Rattle 275 Ultra Rattle

Car Dealership


The Car Dealership near the nursery.

Vehicle Cost (Bucks) Info
Bike 75 Has 1 seat
Car 900 Has 2 seats
Convertible 2100 Has 2 seats
Moped 800 Has 1 seat
Motorcycle 400 Has 1 seat
Multi-Bike 300 Has 2 seats
Offroader 1200 Has 4 seats

Clothing Store (Floor 1)


Clothing shop next to bridge.

Item Cost (Bucks) Location
): Red Grind 140 First Floor
Blackvalk 140 First Floor
Black and Red 10 First Floor
Cinnamon Hair 10 First Floor
Classic Fedora 52 First Floor
Clockwork Shades 52 First Floor
Clockwork's Headphones 42 First Floor
Crown of Fruity Pebbles 17 First Floor
Doge 10 First Floor
Dominus Astra 200 First Floor
Domino Crown 420 First Floor
Golden Hair 10 First Floor
Ice Crown 122 First Floor
Jack O' Bandit 35 First Floor
JJ5x5 Top Hat 50 First Floor
Lady of the Federation 420 First Floor
Lime Green Shutter Shades 17 First Floor
Midnight Blue Sparkle Time 210 First Floor
OBC Hat 10 First Floor
Omega Rainbow Helmet 20 First Floor
Pants 10 First Floor
Peanut-Butter Sparkle Time Hair 32 First Floor
Perfectly Legitimate Business Hat 20 First Floor
Pete's Dragon Gold Medal 10 First Floor
President Doge 17 First Floor
Purple Banded Top Hat 20 First Floor
Rock Star with Side Swept Bangs 10 First Floor
Shaggy 10 First Floor
Shirts 10 First Floor
Silverthorn Antlers 50 First Floor
TBC Hat 10 First Floor
The Void Star 55 First Floor
Valkyrie Helm 42 First Floor

Clothing Store (Floor 2)

Item Cost (Bucks) Location
Adurite Bucket 25 Second Floor
American Cowboy 32 Second Floor
Arctic Commando 140 Second Floor
Azure Pinstripe Fedora 35 Second Floor
Beautiful Brown Hair for Beautiful People 15 Second Floor
Black Iron Bucket of Ultimate Pwnage 122 Second Floor
Brunette Updo with Bow 10 Second Floor
Buddy Baseball Cap 12 Second Floor
Bull Moose Party 17 Second Floor
Chill Cap 20 Second Floor
Classic Swordpack Throwback 10 Second Floor
Dark Conjurer 35 Second Floor
Dark Cerulean Crown of Ozymandias 42 Second Floor
Dr. Ishmael 420 Second Floor
Eerie Pumpkin 140 Second Floor
Emerald Crystal Circlet 42 Second Floor
Fuchsia Fantastique 140 Second Floor
Glorious Pink Party Queen 30 Second Floor
Grey Cat Tail 15 Second Floor
Immortal Sword: The Piece Maker 122 Second Floor
John's Glasses 20 Second Floor
Kitty Ears 15 Second Floor
Musica Infernus 45 Second Floor
Neon Pink Top Hat 50 Second Floor
Pants 10 Second Floor
Rainbow Fedora 60 Second Floor
Rainbow Shaggy 420 Second Floor
Secret Kid Wizard Glasses 10 Second Floor
Shirts 10 Second Floor
Shoulder Sloth 10 Second Floor
Sinister Branches 17 Second Floor
Sky Blue Sparkle Time 220 Second Floor
Socialite 12 Second Floor

Coffee Shop

Coffee House

Coffee Shop across from Pizza shop.

Item Cost (Bucks) Info
Coffee 5 Replenishes hunger
Cookie 20 Increases speed
Tea 5 Replenishes Hunger

Fun Shop


The Fun Store next to the Ice Cream Shop.

Item Cost (Bucks) Info
Box Blocks - Coming Soon
Heart Balloon 100 Floaty objects!
Heart Plushies FREE Something you can hug with around town!
Hula Hoop - Coming Soon
Pogo Stick 200 Brings up fun.
Teddy Bear 50 Brings up fun.

Furniture Shop

This is an upcoming store which currently does not have anything in it.


The Furniture Shop

Ice Cream Shop


Ice cream shop near the bridge.

Item Cost (Bucks) Info
Cone 5 None
Item Cost (Bucks) Info
Cone is required to add these toppings.
Blue Ice Cream 1 Additional topping to ice cream
Brown Ice Cream 1 Additional topping to ice cream
Green Ice Cream 1 Additional topping to ice cream
Pink Ice Cream 1 Additional topping to ice cream
Purple Ice Cream 1 Additional topping to ice cream
Red Ice Cream 1 Additional topping to ice cream
White Ice Cream 1 Additional topping to ice cream

Pet Store

This is an upcoming store which currently does not have anything in it. 

Screenshot 114

Pizza Shop


Item Cost (Bucks) Info
Pizza Dough 5 None
Item Cost (Bucks) Info
Pizza Dough is required to add these toppings.
Cheese 1 Additional topping to pizza
Pepperoni 1 Additional topping to pizza
Peppers 1 Additional topping to pizza
Sauce 1 Additional topping to pizza


Screenshot 116

Supermarket near the Mansion.

Item Cost (Bucks) Info
Apple 5 Replenishes Hunger
Blueberry Pie 5 Replenishes Hunger
Burger 5 Replenishes Hunger
Cake 5 Replenishes Hunger
Cheese 5 Replenishes Hunger
Chocolate Milk 5 Replenishes Hunger
Ham 5 Replenishes Hunger
Hotdog 5 Replenishes Hunger
Popcorn 5 Replenishes Hunger
Raspberry Pie 5 Replenishes Hunger
Sandwich 5 Replenishes Hunger
Soda 5 Replenishes Hunger
Taco 5 Replenishes Hunger
Water 5 Replenishes Hunger
Watermelon 5 Replenishes Hunger