General Use

Houses are used as a place to clean up your baby or fill up their sleepiness bar. It's also a place for privacy and for comfort.

Once you rent a house, that house is yours for the entire time you're in a server. You can only have one house per server. They can range anywhere from 50 Bucks to 300 Bucks.


Apartments are the cheapest and smallest-sized houses. Apartments cost 50 Bucks and come with one Shower and one Crib.


Homes are the big, expensive houses. Homes can cost 100 Bucks or 150 Bucks and come with 1 Crib, 1 Shower, and 2-3 Floors.


The Mansion is the biggest and most expensive house in the game.

A mansion costs 300 Bucks and comes with 2 floors, 2 Showers, a Crib, as well as the most rooms out of any house.