The purpose of Adopt Me! is to roleplay as either a family between babies and adults.


If you are a parent, head on over to the Nursery to start a family, or you can be added to a family. When you get to the Nursery, you will have a chance to add a baby to your family! Once you add a new baby to your family, you can carry them around the town of Adopt Me!. Your goal as a parent is to take care of your baby or babies, and the most recent baby you pick up is the one which their status bar will appear on the left-hand side of your screen.


If you're a baby, you can stay at the Nursery and wait to be added to a family by a member already in that family. You can also wander around too and create your own family. Once you are in a family, your parent can feed you, put you to bed, bathe you, and have fun with you!

Note: If you are not in a family, other parents who are also not in a family can pick you up.


Adopt me stats

Baby's status is shown when they were the child most recently held.

The Parent and the Baby will both see the status bar. The status bar contains Hunger, Fun, Cleanliness, and Sleepiness. You can also boost all of your stats for $60.


To Increase the Hunger stat you can go to the Pizza Shop and make a pizza, Ice Cream Shop and make Ice Cream, baby formula from the Baby Shop, the Coffee Shop to buy several items, or you can go to the Supermarket to buy foods.


To Increase Fun, you can go to the Park and play on the swings, trampolines, and slides.

Note: Obbies do NOT increase your Fun.


To increase your cleanliness, you can either go to the pool and swim around in it or you can use a shower in the Houses or the Gym. Swimming in the river also increases your cleanliness. 


To increase your sleepiness stat, you need to put your baby in a crib in either the Nursery or in a House.

Every five minutes, the Baby and Parent get a daily allowance. The Baby and Parent always get twenty bucks.


Map 2

The main feature of the Adopt Me! map is the giant river around the Nursery and three bridges leading to the rest of the map. The Town Hall is in front of the white bridge. The white bridge also leads to the Shops and Soccer Field.

The Mansion is on a hill in the corner of the map. The Movie Theater (In Development) It in another corner of the map. The fastest way to get to it would be by crossing the red bridge.

The Park, Skatepark, and Neighborhood are on two edges of the map next to the river. The fastest way to get to the Houses would be to go over the blue bridge. The Pool and Supermarket are next to each other by the river. The fastest way to get to the Pool and Supermarket is by either taking the red or blue bridge. The red bridge also leads to the Pier.