Please adhere to these guidelines in order to keep our Wikia look professional and clean.

  1. Do not vandalize or delete excessive amounts of information unless you specify the reason.
  2. Do not add unnecessary categories to pages. It's strongly recommended to only add articles to existing categories!
  3. If you are not sure about how to fix something, notify a wiki administrator.
  4. Include links to pages only if necessary.
  5. Fix or remove red links.
  6. Make sure that everything is grammatically correct and that spelling and punctuation are accurate.
  7. This Wiki should be in American English (-er, no 'u' in color, etc.).
  8. Do not add trivia sections.
  9. Make sure all item names are in-game names.
  10. There should only be facts on pages.
  11. Use common sense about what should and should not be on a page. There are discussions and blogs for a reason.
  12. Do not edit other user's profiles!

Not abiding these rules will result in bans.
Contact a local administrator if you think someone is not abiding one of these rules! Remember, respect wiki staffs!

Happy editing! ๐Ÿ˜‰