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Welcome to the official wiki for Adopt Me! by DreamCraft, a next-generation roleplay genre game on RŌBLOX.

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Game Updates

Updates (2/10/18)

  • 👶 NEW Strollers! Choose from: Car Strollers, Droplet Strollers and Double Strollers

Updates (1/30/18)

  • 🎈 NEW Hot Air Balloon Rides: Ride it up to the Sky Castle. And bungee jump down!
  • 🍼 Mystical Potions
  • 👶 New Strollers, including the Ultra-Rare Balloon Stroller!

Updates (1/9/18)

  • Hang Glider Gamepass: Fly into the skies!
  • Bathtub Cars
  • New Pizza Place Interior
  • Skateboards
  • Updated Presents + Prizes

Updates (1/1/18)

  • Hold 2 babies AT ONCE
  • Create families of up to 50 people
  • Paychecks
  • Skate park, 3 bridges, new slides
  • Sound effects

Updates (12/21/17)

  • Open some Christmas Presents
  • Snowboards
  • New christmas rattles
  • Ultra-fast, limited time Rocket Sled

Updates (11/29/17)

  • Soccer field ⚽ / Running track 🏃
  • Weightlifting equipment in school 🏋️

Updates (10/14/17)

  • Halloween Event

Updates (9/23/17)

  • New VIP Gamepass that gives you:
    • Exclusive GoKart
    • VIP Room Access
    • Change Your Name
    • VIP Chat Tag
    • 100 Bucks
  • Twitter codes

Updates (9/17/17)

  • New grocery store
  • New day/night cycle
  • 3 new obbies, including a 10 star difficulty obby
  • Misc. bug patches

Updates (9/9/17)

  • Earn additional bucks by completing challenging obbies. Find them in the playground
  • Performance improvements and full release

Hello, !
Welcome to the new Adopt Me Wiki! As of now, the team of DreamCraft is working hard to maintain a high quality gameplay for you guys!
Keep in touch by joining our Discord server!
- Zeumus, Wiki Bureaucrat
- Vastmine1029, Wiki Bureaucrat


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Do you like the obbies and how difficult is the Pyramid obby?

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