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How do I equip items from my inventory? I can't figure out and I've pressed every button on my controller already.
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Hi i have problem with adopt me when i try to join i have error. i have that problem from last shutdown i tried join many times and i have it every time can someone help me. ik that there is written please rejoin later but i waited long and this is still there other players just play but i can't and if my english language is bad im sorry but im from poland.
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Help me!

Could you tell me how do I get people to my mansion?
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As always, while editing, try to use the best English—perfect grammar, accurate spelling, stylistically correct, stylistically consistent, et cetera—possible. Should you find yourself needing help, post here asking for English tips and corrections. I am credible in English and happy to help! Don't be embarrassed. We all make mistakes! :)
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What do you like about Adopt Me?

What is your rating out of 10 and why do you like/dislike it?
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